NITAAC Wins 2020 EPEAT Award

NITAAC recently was recognized as a 2020 EPEAT Purchaser Award winner. The EPEAT Purchaser Award celebrates leaders in sustainable electronics procurement. NITAAC is the first Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) to receive the EPEAT award.

“Thank you to all our CIO-CS contract holders whose commitment to providing sustainable products made this award possible,” said Keith Johnson, NITAAC CIO-SP3 and CIO-SP4 Contracting Lead, during the virtual awards ceremony.

The award is administered by the Green Electronics Council (GEC), the non-profit organization that manages the EPEAT ecolabel. EPEAT allows NITAAC to efficiently address the lifecycle impacts of the electronics federal agencies purchase, including computers, displays, printers, copiers, cell phones, servers and televisions.

“When federal agencies buy sustainable products, they not only support the manufacturers who make these products, but they also can realize tangible benefits within their agencies as they are able to save money by reducing materials and utility and equipment costs. More importantly, they can reduce the volume of IT waste they send to landfills, which is a win for us all,” said Johnson.

NITAAC is proud to have received this recognition and is committed to the continued procurement of sustainable electronics. To learn more about the EPEAT Award, visit Website for Green Electronics Council .