Thursday, October 13 - Friday, October 14, 2022 - All day
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Tradeshow: MilSat Symposium

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NITAAC will be exhibiting. To register, please visit the event website. NITAAC is not responsible for registration.

Event overview: 

The 2022 MilSat Symposium will foster new channels of communication between national space defense and industry. As older methodologies of contracting the development of custom-made satellites, sensors, ground equipment and software have become largely obsolete, the necessity for open communication between DoD and industry has never been greater. To build these new channels, of communication, the MilSat Symposium focuses on connecting leaders from the commercial space industry to defense decision makers.

In sessions, keynotes and technical talks thought leaders will explore the most effective and rapid solutions in development for defending and expanding critical space assets.  In addition to analysis and discussion, sessions examine the financial, technical and logistical hurdles facing Space Force, Space Command and commercial suppliers.  Learn how you can most effectively contribute to a more agile and capable space defense community.




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